Monday, February 17, 2014

The Giver

The Giver 

By:  Lois Lowry
Published:  Houghton Mifflin 1993

 Before I start out I have to say I think I am one of the only people who did not ever have to read this book in school.  With that being said I am glad I didn't as it seems most read it in Middle School and I would have been very disturbed at that time to read this and although I do believe it is easy to read and very well written I did not enjoy it.  Maybe I have just found a genre that is not my favorite.....

The Giver  starts out describing a perfect society were Jonas, an 11 year old lives.  Everything in his world is controlled and everyone is the same.  They have no choices, no real feelings, no real joy and no sadness.  Jonas is approaching his 12th year and that is the year all the twelves receive their future community assignment.  Jonas is chosen as The Giver and throughout the rest of the story he trains as the Giver.  He learns the faults to his society and in the end does not want to be apart of it anymore.

From the moment Jonas was chosen as the Giver I could not help but think that this was not going to be a good job.  It was eerie how everyone started chanting his name as he was chosen and in the moment, I was thinking that no one else would have wanted to be The Giver.  Throughout the story, Lowry does a great job of showing us Jonas feelings and thoughts.  It is almost as if you become Jonas as you read the story and you take on an emotional connection to him and the events of the story.  I have to say that I cried when I read about the release of the twin and was equally as upset as it seemed Jonas was in the story.  I was horrified and thought how on earth can this happen.  For a minute I forgot I was reading a fictional story.

I do like the relationship between the Giver and Jonas.  They develop into more of a real family than any of the others in the book.  They seem to care for each other and understand each other and have the same conflicts.

Although I did get caught up in the story I would say that looking back on it I realize it is a powerfully written story but it is not one that I cared for too much.  It did leave me with the question at the end of what happened to Jonas?  How did his life go after?  This just shows how much of a person and voice he had in the story.  I felt for him and wanted to continue with him on his journey to make sure he got a happily ever after.

I did see that Lowry had several books like this and one talks about Jonas and Gabriel.  I wonder if this book would answer my questions?

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